Aletheia (Ancient Greek: ἀλήθεια) translates to "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident."  With the Aletheia Project, Bea approaches nature with the intent to challenge the viewer´s perspective of the world.  Her holistic vision reconsiders the way in which we physically see the world through the use of unified, geometric sculptures. Moving away from the classical and hegemonic human eye, and by adapting to other scales of observing reality, we are able to uncover the beauty of a mathematical arrangement that composes the entirety of our natural environment.

We are surrounded by geometric forms, thus our eyes and mind recognize them immediately. These forms are fundamental to understanding the world, as they inform us about the clear and unique phenomenon that establishes the dynamic relationship between the natural world and ourselves. Simultaneously, nature is ruled by organized patterns of growth which create harmonic sequences recognizable to all, despite our cultural divides. Symbolizing nature’s egoless behavior, the sculptures capture the essence of their surroundings, in addition to creating new compositions of their own. The geometric shapes lose their edges of identity to integrate amongst the landscape, evoking unity.

The sculptures aim to invite the viewer to meditate through observing the reflection of a world we do not own, but one we belong to.  In order to admire and reconnect with its beauty, the viewer must comprehend the underlying mathematical language. The realization of the innate connection that is ubiquitous amongst all beings provokes compassion and aligns us with the selflessness of nature.

Making the unseen visible allows us to observe the world from a new perspective, encouraging us to reconsider our position within the world itself. The work intends to raise awareness of the fragility of the natural world and the impact humanity has on it. Ultimately, this engenders empathy for nature´s vulnerability, prompting action to preserve it.